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i have overcome certain obstacles, obviously the injury but also just technical knowledge and practising skills so they year of the rio olympics, i went to an intense time of learning and picking up about sport psychology and just the technical knowledge and modern more training and visualisation. i'd a lot of that over my rehab process so i feel my skills have improved and i have more experience to back me up so have more experience to back me up so it feels different in that sense. the main thing isjust so it feels different in that sense. the main thing is just experience and knowledge. 50 speaking the main thing is just experience and knowledge. so speaking the olympics... climbing is set to make its debut at is set to make its debut at next year's olympics — with great britain's shauna coxsey already qualified. in the men's competition however — speed climber will bosi is the only british male who can make it to tokyo. he'll compete at the penultimate qualifier event in toulouse this weekend, where he will look
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to ensure a top six finish and his place in team gb. our olympic sports reporter nick hope has been to meet him. climbing at the olympics is a combination of three spots. the easy way is higher, faster and stronger. speed is all about being faster, meat is all about going higher and bolder is all about being stronger. it is like trying to run a 100 metres print, five k and the 400 metres. it is a massive challenge for everyone in climbing. how important is this setup here in sheffield and why make the change? the first reason the climbing walls down here for bouldering are amazing. there are also other climbers who live here like shona cox the, bouldering is her background sport. the amount of tips and pointers from her, evenjust
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placing your foot at a slightly different angle, the difference that is crazy. how do you work here in sheffield? it is being able to learn snippets of other languages and tonnes of research into speed climbing. the strong teams currently are the russian team, the french team and the chinese are coming along so i already know french flue ntly along so i already know french fluently so i can learn from them but they do not share a lot of what they do so it was learning snippets of russian and trying to understand what they are saying to get their movements nailed so we can improve out movements nailed so we can improve our speed. you go up watching the olympics and cheating for british athletes. now i have the chance to be there for my sport, it is like a dream come to tigers. good look to hand. —— adream come to tigers.
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—— i guess. yesterday, we had andy murray on the programme discussing his new documentary — which addresses his return to tennis after major hip surgery and the difficulties he faced returning to competitive tennis. but what it doesn't show you is another thing he loves... escape rooms, which is where sally nugent caught up with him. have you done this sort of thing before? this wasjust have you done this sort of thing before? this was just with one finger. i get the feeling that that is wrong. we are going to get out of here! here we are. not in an escape room, this is not my idea of fun. here! here we are. not in an escape room, this is not my idea of funlj love it, i love it. what is this? assuming there is a whole you have
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to get the key out of. sugar. that is at. that is at. in the last couple of years they have become a huge craze. i had heard about it but never tried it and then i went with my wife and a couple of friends and i loved it, it is a good way to spend on arrow. in the film you talk about tennis as your escape, did you know that our was at filming the documentary and talking at me do realise that? i went to barcelona for two years, i was 15 at the time, obviously quite a difficult age to move away. it is. i know being a pa re nt move away. it is. i know being a parent how difficult that must have been for my mum and dad to allow that, my brother was also abroad in france as well. i knew it was difficult for them to let me go and do that. i feel it was such a long way to go. your team and your family
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and the most incredible support. because they are with me everything goatee, helping me get back on the port —— on the courts and getting out of painful. —— every single day. lam sure out of painful. —— every single day. i am sure it must have been very difficult for them as well which i did not appreciate at the time. i think my wife would say she would rather have me out of the house. name? i think that moods. how does it move? you are braver than me. just watch the hip. ayurveda? do not touch anything. keep your knees down. we are in a different room. how are you going to get through here? i don't know. here we go. hang on. look at that. there you go. what
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is in here? there is a dragon. it appears we are locked in. sorrow. —— sorry. i have let you down. thank you anyway, we did our best.|j sorry. i have let you down. thank you anyway, we did our best. i am assured they let them eventually. latest news from chelsea, it is 1—1 at half—time and you can follow that on radio 55. good night. let us get more now on the right breaking out between labour and the conservatives which says the nhs could be at risk. we have an
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analysis on weather the document is proof the nhs is for sale. the official negotiating objectives for a future us trade deal where published earlier this year, including the desire to eliminate all barriers to us investment in all sectors in the uk. nicole for explicit us access to pharmaceutical products so it is not surprising that was raised at the level of preparatory talks for junior officials. us pharmaceutical companies tend to lobby the government very aggressively. figures compiled in washington suggest that last year faima said spent more lobbying than any other industry. these american and british officials discuss dropped i think, including the idea that patents could be extended to stop cheaper drugs being used longer period. other us priorities were also
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reviewed in the documents, one meeting said the us was concerned about to ease any‘s checkers deal, the early first draft of a brexit deal with the eu and the us would regard the uk sticking close to eu rules on the safety and animal health as, a worst—case scenario for future us— uk trade talks but these are preliminary talks to prepare for possible negotiations. the uk does not have to agree to any of the american demands. of course there will be pressure, that is what the talks are all about. there were also be trade—offs. if the uk turns down american requests, we can expect the americans to reject british demands for access to their markets but none of this is proof that the nhs is somehow for sale, even if the us would like to be on the table. what it shows is how and how
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time—consuming any post brexit trade negotiations are going to be. chris morris there. the distinguished brighter and broadcasterjonathan miller has died. he was 85. he found fame ina miller has died. he was 85. he found fame in a comedy revue, he was also a qualified doctor. campbell looks back at long career. opera singing. jonathan miller directing the opera don pasquale in florence. when you give him the soup, you can go to the back and then go, "hello". he was one of the world's great opera directors, an accomplished theatre director, a television presenter, a humorist, an artist and sculptor, an all—round intellectual, and a lapsed medic. perkins, sorry to drag you away from the fun, old boy. that's all right, sir. the war is not going
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very well, you know. oh, my god! his life changed in 1960 when the trainee doctor was invited to join the cast of beyond the fringe — the ground—breaking satirical revue also starred alan bennett, peter cook, and dudley moore. i want you to lay down your life. yes, sir. we need a futile gesture at this stage. it's success was immense. it transferred from edinburgh to london and then to new york. miller's medical career never recovered. don't come back. right you are. goodbye, perkins. god, i wish i was going too. goodbye, sir. or is it au revoir? no, perkins. hold your tongue. i won't! off with her head! he moved into television, making films like this 1960s acid trip version of alice in wonderland. if you prick us, do we not bleed? soon he was directing plays as well including laurence olivier, no less, as sha kespeare's shylock. and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge! if we are like you in the rest
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we will resemble you in that! blood vessels, heart, and intestine, bladder and lungs... he presented a medical series on television, the body in question. and said his training as a doctor helped his work with actors. i had been taught to look for the small details, by means of which the doctor infers what might be wrong, little tiny details of how people carry themselves, how they talk. these negligible details which you are trained to keep your eye open for were absolutely all that the theatre was about. some of his operas stayed in the repertory for decades. though the critics sometimes sneered. the thin skinned miller took that badly, perversely claiming he was underappreciated in britain. i get asked to do things now much less than i used to. i mean in england, i don't get
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asked to do anything. some indeed thought him too clever by half. his versatility made him a figure of fun. it didn't stop him, late in life, starting to make abstract sculptures out of metal. if you are here singing i think you need to be a little bit more facing that direction. he was an egotist who could be devastatingly rude, but he was also a superb educator and entertainer, playful, occasionally pretentious, rarely predictable. time for the weather. we have seen some localised flooding issues. this picture was sent and of the linking area.
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more rain to come across the east of england as we go through the night time. and further northwards, the rain will be persistent and could cut issues in the slightest of scotland. there will be a few patches of rain for northern ireland, wales and southern england but it will not be as troublesome. temperatures overnight, five to 10 celsius. tomorrow's weather, the low pressure pushes eastwards and later in the day northerly winds will bring colder conditions to the north of the country but also bringing a change to drier weather at last. we start of the david and rain around on thursday morning, the rain could be the. pushing into northern ireland, wales and east anglia and evenin ireland, wales and east anglia and even in the size but it is here we will see the higher temperatures through the afternoon, it should reach ten irrelevant celsius. for the north of england and scotland,
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as the sun comes out, the temperatures will drop, 6 degrees in edinburgh and newcastle. it will feel cool during the day. clear skies through the night time, a widespread frost developing. minus dean edinburgh and cold on in the countryside. on friday, a patch of green in south—west england but the vast majority of the uk will look at a giant sunny day. it will be cold, after a frosty start temperatures are struggling, a few showers in the north and running down the north sea as well. for the weekend, the chance of rainfor as well. for the weekend, the chance of rain for southern england but there is uncertainty. the big picture is this area of high pressure mating and, there will be the risk of a few showers in northern and north—eastern parts of the uk but for the majority it will be largely dry, remaining cold but not as much rain as we have seen
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over recent weeks. you are you're watching beyond 100 days. is the national health service up for sale? that's the claim from jeremy corbyn who claims he's got the evidence that it is. the labour leader says the nhs would be at risk under a post—brexit trade deal with the us , nonsense says the prime minister. the claims originate from documents sourced by labour, covering a series of talks between us and uk officials in washington and london. under boris johnson, the nhs is on the table. the nhs is in no way on the table, in all aspect whatever. a new report says president trump knew about the whistle—blower complaint that revealed his pressure campaign against ukraine, well before he released aid to kyiv.


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